Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Glad I gave this one a second chance after dozing off during it late last night. THANKSKILLING is like somebody's resume for their dream job at Troma and if that description doesn't totally turn you off then it definitely belongs on your holiday viewing list.

Five illogically-matched college kids (jock, slut, fat hillbilly, oversexed dork and nice girl with bad skin) all pile into Johnnie Jock's jeep and head home on Thanksgiving break. Unfortunately, a centuries-old talking homicidal turkey has been reanimated by dog pee (complete with "I'm pissed!" from the foul-mouthed fowl) and is on a murderous rampage.

In its short running time (it clocks in under 70 minutes), the flick manages to elicit howls of laughter, toss in some adult star boobs right off the bat, tweak a dozen or so horror cliches, repeat a Jon Benet Ramsey joke twice, pile on the cheap gore and even rip off SILENCE OF THE LAMBS.

Until Eli Roth delivers on his promise of a big-screen version of his faux trailer for THANKSGIVING, make room for this holiday classick on your b-movie buffet.

You can buy or rent THANKSKILLING at Amazon. It's also available via Netflix Instant View.

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