Monday, August 02, 2010

BLOOD SURFing on FearNet

Around the first of each month I skim the listings on Comcast's niche On Demand channels – IMPACT and FEARNet – to see what they're offering. It's usually a pretty standard grab-bag of horror, action and T&A fare with the odd, out-of-nowhere treat like BLOOD GAMES popping up every now and then.

While scanning the current line-up I felt it was my duty to inform fellow Comcast subscribers (and anybody else who has access to FEARNet) that James Hickox's super fun nature-run-amok beasts and breasts classic BLOOD SURF is currently airing.

Here's a snippet of what I said about the flick after being turned on to it by David Zuzelo of TOMB IT MAY CONCERN...
If you're a fan of the science-gone-awry/big-monster flicks that clogged video store shelves in the 1980s and 90s, BLOOD SURF is a more-than-worthwhile purchase or rental. It's no surprise that director Hickox cut his teeth working on entertaining schlock like MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, WAXWORK and his brother's HELLRAISER III and WARLOCK 2. The flick shows a genuine affection for the exploitation genre, delivering bared breasts, blood, guts, out-of-leftfield twists and explosions aplenty.
Check out the full review at the Exploitation Retrospect website.

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