Friday, July 30, 2010

LOVE & MONEY Available from Warner Archive

I picked up a sealed VHS of this flick a year or so ago but if tapes aren't your thing James Toback's LOVE & MONEY is now available from the Warner Bros. on-demand Archive Collection service. The flick stars Ray Sharkey, Armand Assante and Klaus Kinski.

Sharkey stars as an LA banker who accepts a million-dollar deal with a global silver magnate (Kinski), starts an affair with the tycoon's wife, and eventually crosses path with his former college roomie who is now a Latin American strongman (Assante). Got all that?

The Warner Archive Collection is an on-demand DVR service that provides fans and collectors with copies of films that the studio doesn't deem profitable enough for wide release. The discs come with full-color packaging, though it's still sorta pricey for a glorified DVR.

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