Monday, December 07, 2009

BURDEN OF DREAMS on Netflix Instant View

I don't know if anybody reading this has purchased one yet, but I'm a big fan of the Roku, the little black box that lets you stream Netflix's Instant View titles right to your TV. I picked one up this fall and though I'm still tinkering with the signal strength from my Apple AirPort Extreme it's a great way to catch up on things when my daughter takes her increasingly infrequent afternoon naps.

If you watch Netflix Instant View titles on your computer, Roku or other device capable of streaming titles to your TV, I highly recommend subscribing to the Netflix Watch Instantly blog which feeds titles that are available through the service. It's easier than working your way through NetFlix's recommendations and will surely lead to much queue-filling.

For my fellow Kinski fans, be sure to check out Les Blank's documentary BURDEN OF DREAMS if you don't already have the Criterion DVD. It's currently available via Instant View and presents a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the making of Werner Herzog's FITZCARRALDO. Here's their capsule write-up on the flick...
This feature-length documentary from filmmaker Les Blank paints a riveting portrait of megalomaniacal German director Werner Herzog as he worked against almost insurmountable odds in the Amazon jungle to craft his epic movie Fitzcarraldo. Besides capturing the seemingly hexed production's myriad adversities, Blank's camera exposes Herzog as a man obsessed with his art and pressed to the brink of insanity to see his cinematic vision fulfilled.
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