Friday, June 12, 2009

CONAN Gets a Director and I Don't Mean O'Brien

Okay Conan fans. Is this one of those devil you know is better than the devil you don't situations? Rumored CONAN director Brett Ratner is apparently out of the director's chair and has been replaced by Marcus Nispel who helmed the recent TEXAS CHAINSAW and FRIDAY THE 13TH reboots.

I wasn't particularly impressed with his TCM remake and the combination of my frenzied (at the time) schedule and the less-than-stellar word-of-mouth kept me away from theaters when F13 was showing, though I will be checking it out when it hits DVD next week.

In the right hands I think a sword-and-sandal epic like CONAN could be a super fun time at the movies but I'm just wondering if this is the right cat for the gig.

However, as good buddy Neil Vokes pointed out to me elsewhere, Nispel did direct the Vikings vs. Indians flick PATHFINDER and "he's got the cinematic grit and brutality thing going for him".

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