Wednesday, January 14, 2009

An Underdog Sports Comedy... with Balls!

As a former high school tennis player I'm glad to see the sport get a little love in the Underdog Sports Raunchy Comedy Genre. I can't think of too many juvenile sex comedies that have plundered tennis' goldmine of potential jokes about balls other than JOCKS, a late 80s comedy about a college tennis team that featured both Richard Roundtree and Christopher Lee in its cast. (In an interesting coincidence, JOCKS was directed by Steve Carver, whose name came up last night while I was finishing BRONSON'S LOOSE! about the making of the DEATH WISH films. Review to come.)

So I was glad to see a note pop up in my mailbox this morning alerting me to the existence of BALLS OUT: GARY THE TENNIS COACH, a stupid-looking underdog raunchy sports comedy (with vomit jokes) starring Randy Quaid and Sean William Scott. Give the name recognition of the two stars and the fact that the flick was directed by Danny Leiner who brought us the great HAROLD & KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE I have a feeling I may be just the audience BALLS OUT was aimed at. Let's face it, my wife actually bought me a copy of OUT COLD for Christmas so I could enjoy it's inanity whenever I pleased instead of waiting for it to show up on cable or Comedy Central. "We'll always have Pedro O'Horny's..."

And, yes, I know Leiner also directed DUDE, WHERE'S MY CAR?, but you know what, the fantasy marriage between Kumar and the giant bag of pot in H&K more than excuses any cinematic indiscretions. Any guy who put that on film forever gets a free pass in my book.

I've already bumped BALLS OUT to the top spot in my NetFlix queue and it appears I'm not the only one that was waiting for a tennis-oriented sports comedy (with vomit jokes)... there's a short wait.

In the meantime, check out the trailer below...

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