Friday, January 11, 2008

That's All Vokes!

You never know who is gonna show up with a blog these days. The latest I've added to my reading list is THAT'S ALL VOKES! from good pal and comic book illustrator Neil Vokes. I've mentioned Neil's work here before, and you might know him from such graphic novels as THE BLACK FOREST and its sequel, both installments of THE WICKED WEST, and PARLIAMENT OF JUSTICE not to mention everything from stories featuring Batman, Spider-Man and Tarzan, not to mention the occasional piece of art featuring a certain iconic film star.

Now you can stay up-to-date with what's on Neil's mind as he blogs away about life and his work as a comic artist. I'm envious of the ability to draw and Neil's incredibly wide range is evident throughout some of the material he has already posted on the blog. I'm drooling over some of the stuff he's done on commission and not just because he features my two favorite superhero comic characters... ever. Neil has a wonderfully unique (to me at least) style and it really shines in pieces like this one featuring Batman battling The Scarecrow or checkout this dreaded Rogues Gallery of classic Daredevil villains!

But it's not all comic art and chatter about his current and upcoming projects (a re-teaming with BLACK FOREST/WICKED WEST co-author Bob Tinnell perhaps?). Neil infuses the blog with a healthy dose of his personality and life tales (just read the post about his life growing up with his brother and their recent reunion!) and I can tell you from personal experience that what you're getting on the blog is very much Neil.... so check it out!

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Neil D Vokes said...

"...the blog is very much Neil..."

lol- too true-ya got me pegged,pal- and btw-yours and Curt's blogs are my inspiration...thanks ;o)