Friday, December 14, 2007

International DARK KNIGHT Teaser

Here's a link to the international teaser poster for next summer's THE DARK KNIGHT. Interesting look and I suppose it's intended to suggest the dual personality of Bruce Wayne and Bats as the Caped Crusader looks out over his city from his penthouse, not to mention the suggestion of him being imprisoned by his role as the city's protector. Personally, I'd have preferred a classic pose atop a building but call me old school.

As for the first trailer, non-teaser variety... it premieres this weekend in front of I AM FRESH PRINCE, er, LEGEND and will be on-line sometime early next week according to IMAX viewers can catch the flick's "prologue" on prints of LEGEND... frankly, I'm hoping to stay away from this as I'm savoring the anticipation for this one. As pumped as I was for Nolan's reboot, seeing what he did with BEGINS gives me very high hopes for KNIGHT.

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