Thursday, October 18, 2007

Close-Up Blog-A-Thon: Intro

A month ago I was making my way through the Web, following what seemed like a series of random links that took me from one movie blog to another and another. Looking back on that day, I now realize that unseen forces may have been at work, perhaps the hand of a certain notorious but brilliant actor guiding my mouse... from the beyond?

Eventually, I landed at The House Next Door, an intelligent, well-written and thought-provoking blog covering everything from cinema to television. There I discovered information about the upcoming Close-Up Blog-A-Thon, a web-based event scheduled to run from October 12-21 that celebrated the greatness of the closeup.

Naturally, it took about two seconds for me to commit to writing an entry about Klaus Kinski, the man for whom the close-up was invented. And, with today being the 81st anniversary of K2's birth, I only had to sit. And wait. And choose.

And with 200+ entries in the man's legendary filmography, selecting just one, perhaps no more than two, would present me with one of my greatest challenges.

But, after much thought and meditation I was able to select two scenes, two shots in fact, that brilliantly capture the man they called Klaus Kinski.

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