Saturday, July 09, 2011

SUMMER OF ACTION! -- Flea Market Score!

Just back from the local 4H Hoedown and Flea Market where my gut told me I'd find some good men's adventure fare to chow down on this summer.

By the end of our loop my bag of goodies was as bizarre as my Netflix queue, with a half-dozen Disney and Barbie VHS tapes rubbing up against a crew of one-eyed mercs, half-man half-robot cops and various other men of action.

Here's what I scored along the way...
  • Destroyer#84: Ground Zero -- Can Remo and Chiun stop the Crash of the 90s from ending with a big bang?
  • They Call Me The Mercenary #15: The Afghanistan Penetration -- A simple rescue is turning into much more than one-eyed merc captain Hank Frost bargained for – and maybe more than he can handle! (Written by Axel Kilgore... I'm thinking that's a pen name.)
  • Steele #5: Renegade Steele -- He's the perfect combination of man and machine. Armed with the firepower of a high-tech army.
  • The Guardians #13: Devil's Deal -- World War III is over... and the ultimate battle for control has begun
  • The Guardians #14: Death from Above -- America's last line of defense against world domination by the Federated States of Europe.
  • Stony Man #16: Deep Alert -- Nuclear terror strikes from the sea.
  • Able Team #19: Ironman -- Carl Lyons explodes into action in a Central American showdown. (Includes a chance for me to Gear-Up for Adventure and win a 1986 Jeep CJ)
  • Nick Carter #185: The Algarve Affair -- Agent N3 takes on a dope ring... a Soviet dope ring!


Lord of Filth said...

Now that is a score!

Dan said...

Best of all it ran me a whopping $2 for all eight books. I didn't even bother haggling.

Brian Drake said...

Axel Kilgore was the pen name used by Jerry Ahern. The "Mercenary" series has some great humor in it so get ready to enjoy yourself.

Dan said...

Thanks for the info Brian! Definitely jumps that one up the stack...