Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nasty Nazis: 15 WWII Flicks to See Before BASTERDS

Saw the trailer for QT's new flick again the other day and the big screen presentation didn't do anything more to excite me for it. Now comes word that the Weinstein's are pressuring him to cut the flick down to a more fanny-friendly 2-hour running time in advance of its August release Stateside. (Who knows how much truth there is to the rumor.)

In the meantime, FilmJunk posted their list of 15 WWII FLICKS TO CHECK OUT BEFORE BASTERDS and it features some fun Eurotrash including the excellent and entertaining FIVE FOR HELL starring John Garko and Klaus Kinski and currently featured over at Exploitation Retrospect.

I'd probably have put a couple more Klaus flicks on the list ('natch) including CHURCHILL'S LEOPARDS and SALT IN THE WOUND (which actually casts K2 as an American GI anti-hero) but that's just me.

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