Thursday, April 09, 2009

Two-Disc Director's Cut of COMBAT SHOCK Headed to DVD

Lauded by no less an authority than Slimetime and Shock Cinema publisher Steve Puchalski as "one of the great cult films of the 1980s", Buddy Giovinazzo's COMBAT SHOCK (aka AMERICAN NIGHTMARES) is finally coming to DVD in all its ugly, dark, filthy, brutally brilliant glory.

Released on Prism Entertainment video back in 1987 after a brief theatrical run, COMBAT SHOCK – made for a shockingly low $60,000 budget – blends ERASERHEAD, TAXI DRIVER and THE DEER HUNTER for a grim slice of gutter-level cinema that refuses to flinch.

This July Troma Video is bringing the flick into the 21st century with a two-disc special edition that features both the theatrical and director's cuts (the latter featuring an additional ten minutes of footage) as well as interviews with such fans as John McNaughton, David Gregory, William Lustig, Jorg Buttgereit, and – in his first interview in 20 years – Gore Gazette publisher Rick Sullivan!

Additional bonus features include an interview with the director conducted by Troma's Lloyd Kauffman (last seen working the room at Cinema Wasteland), Giovinazzo shorts, liner notes by Puchalski and much more.

With this and Fred Dekker's NIGHT OF THE CREEPS getting the special edition treatment later this year, 80s trash cinema fans will have plenty to celebrate. Pre-order COMBAT SHOCK at Amazon now.

Check out the trailer for the new release below:


Douglas A. Waltz said...

And nobody works a room like Lloyd Kaufman!

John said...

I can't wait to see this special edition of Combat Shock. Another film that it feels it shares traits with atmospherically and tonally is "The Driller Killer".