Thursday, April 09, 2009

If You Get Correspondence from Me Expect to See a Lot of These

Been a busy couple weeks here at ER HQ. Between finishing another big client project and spending a weekend with my trash-loving pals at Cinema Wasteland (more details to come) I once again find myself way behind the eight ball trying to catch up with all the news, posts and reviews flooding my in box and brain.

However, I needed to post this info as soon as I got up this morning... check out the press release that turned up in my mailbox yesterday afternoon:
Who's your favorite Simpson?

The post office wants folks to vote early and often for their favorite among the five new stamps honoring the nation's funniest dysfunctional family.

The Simpson stamps will be issued May 7, portraying Homer, his wife, Marge, their son Bart, daughter Lisa and baby Maggie.

The characters, created by cartoonist Matt Groening, have become pop culture icons in 20 years on Fox television.

The 44-cent stamps will go on display at 8 a.m. Thursday at and votes can be cast at that site until May 14.

The price of a first-class stamp goes up 2-cents to 44 cents in May.
First it was Universal monsters, then the post office gave us not only DC but also Marvel superheroes. Now they're giving me Simpsons stamps?! Unless there's a Trash Films of the 80s series on the way or a set dedicated to College Radio Icons I may have actually lived to see every stamp issued that I could ever want.

Unless it'd be too much to ask for a second series of Simpsons stamps featuring our favorite side characters. What Simpsons supporting cast members would you want to see gracing your next electric bill?

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