Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Seagalday!

"Anybody who stands in my way it's them or me!"

You'd think he was talking about the Shoney's All-You-Can-Eat Buffet but apparently Big Steve wants his daughter back in JELLY BELLY OF THE BEAST, the pre-TAKEN Thai butt-kicker starring Steve as a "retired" CIA operative whose daughter gets kidnapped by Thai rebels along with a senator's daughter.

While not as instantly forgettable as OUT FOR A KILL – yesterday's excursion into Seagology – it's still one of those overly-plotted foreign co-productions that have been the earmarks of Seagal's post-UNDER SIEGE 2 filmography.

Worse yet, I realized about halfway through that I have seen chunks of this flick, though not enough to feel like I'd truly experienced it.

Anyway, hope everybody has a Happy Seagalday and gets a big, blousy kimono, some incense sticks, black dye for their widows peak, and a case of Steven Seagal Energy Drink (which one of my pals told me earlier today "tastes like carbonated shit").

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