Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Anybody Remember GET CARTER?

The Writer's Strike is certainly getting a lot of play in the news these days, what with NBC showing footage last night of Julie Louise Dreyfuss trying to disrupt a DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES location shoot with chanting and annoyingness.

Hell, if they want to disrupt shooting and get on peoples' nerves she should bring over her NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE co-star Wanda Sykes. These days Sykes, who doesn't have a smidgen of funny DNA in her body, has signed on to play – wait for it – a talking apple in commercials for Applebee's, the crappiest crap food chain in restaurantdom.

But I didn't come here to bitch about Wanda Sykes and the shitty food at Applebee's. I'm just wondering if the studios can use the insane amount of remakes as a way to negotiate with the writers. TV is recycling BIONIC WOMAN and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA while the stream of movie remakes and reboots continues at a frightening pace. Seriously, how much effort goes into a big-budget, big-screen version of LAND OF THE LOST or CLASH OF THE TITANS?

The latest scary remake idea to cross my path comes to us via SlashFilm who reports that Sylvester Stallone is planning a remake of DEATH WISH! Argh! Oh, and I disagree with the report's assertion that the original flick "spawned four sequels, none of which are said to be any good." Depends on who you are, friend.

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